MeVer meets DeepTrace

Visit in DeepTraceLabs offices, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Photo by Laurence Cullen.


Polychronis from the MeVer team had the opportunity to visit DeepTrace Labs, a company based in Amsterdam, focusing on deepfake detection. MeVer and DeepTrace have recently started collaborating on the problem of DeepFake detection, which MeVer faces in the context of the WeVerify project. As part of this collaboration, the two teams also joined forces to tackle the Kaggle’s DeepFake Detection Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to build effective solutions that can help detect DeepFakes and manipulated media. The final deadline for submissions is March 31, 2020.

The first meeting took place at DeepTrace offices in Amsterdam on March 2, 2020. The meeting involved general discussion about the challenge, briefing about the current progress of each team, exchange of ideas for further improvements and plans for future work.

Currently, there are more than 2000 teams participating in the competition and our detection models score among the top 30 teams. More updates coming soon.

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